Y.D.A remembers when he was younger and his mom used to play Tracy Chapman’s album every Sunday while they cleaned the house. He knew every word to every song and used to to sing along. He didn’t realize that he could sing until he sang in front of his classmates in high school. People liked it so he kept singing. Y.D.A didn’t start recording songs until his Junior year of high school. He used to write parodies (funny remix to popular songs), then started recording actual remixes and originals later on. He didn’t take music seriously until college when he released a song called ‘It’s on me,’ his colleagues loved the song and was surprised to see how much love he received from it. Y.D.A sang r&b for a while but slowly transitioned to Afrobeat in 2017 by singing mashups to hit songs like ‘Mad Over You,’ ‘Pana,’ and ‘IF.’ He gained a lot of views and supporters (fans), which was new to him at the time. So he decided to write his own Afrobeat songs and that is what he did. Y.D.A released his first Afrobeat song, ‘Blessing’ in December and promoted it as much as he could. It had nothing but good reviews which made him happy knowing that he had to ability to make a good Afrobeat song. He puts a little R&B in it because of his love for R&B. Most of his songs are R&B influenced. Now he has another record out called ‘Amazing,’ featuring Donblaq. I will keep making Afrobeat and also R&B/soul music and other genres. I am a pretty versatile artist and I like it that way.