Fedo Moore


Fedo Moore(ghanaboy) was born Felix Effah Addo in Accra, Ghana on February 24th, 2000 to Prince and Felicia Addo. He was Raise in West Africa country for 17 years with mostly his mother while his father lived in the United State of America and his mother later joined his father in the United State of America when Fedo was 15years and he lived with his Uncle called Kennedy Addo.


Fedo Moore got the name Fedo from his name Felix Addo. As a kid, Fedo was inspired by his mother and his brother(wholebird). His mother was in a gospel group at church so they were a great influence on him in having a passion for music. At the age of 13, he joined a music group in the junior high school. He has grown to pursue a greater passion for gospel rap, hip-hop and afro pop genre. Among his other influence were Sarkodie, Lil Wayne, Drake and his brother(Wholebird). Sarkodie and Lil Wayne actually had a great impact on Fedo Moore. Fedo Moore always tried to rep Africa(Ghana) where every he goes and that’s how he got his name Ghanaboy.

Fedo Moore started composing music as he was in his second year in high school. His brother bought him a laptop to learn but he rather used it to record himself in his dad’s house in Ghana – Accra when no one is around. At that time he treated his music and recording as a hobby. He studied Geography, Economics and Government while in college and will be graduating in 2018.

His brother always motivated him to do music when he knew he got a great talent in him. At the age of 13 he started to write raps in his music book. He sent that habit to the college. He always wrote raps whenever there is a teacher in class and also used his prep time to write raps. His brother signed him to his music label Oh Damn Ent when Fedo released his first song titled Doe and was produced by Dr.Ray. He later released his second song titled Time and was produced by himself in his room.


Currently, Fedo Moore is still in college and as well as working with Oh Damn Ent team in acquiring talents around whiles sharing their talents together to achieve a greater goal. His main goal with his music is to be able to inspire people and also give the young ones the chance to bring up their talents.

His great motivator has been his mother(Felicia Addo) and his brother(Jeffrey K. Addo known as wholebird).