Stinchyrap was born Osei Owusu Augustine in Pepease Kwahu, Ghana on July 15, 1989 to Davis Osei Owusu and Lydia Ansomaa. He was raised in West Africa Country for 28years with mostly his mother while his father lived in Nkawkaw in Ghana. Later his father died when Stinchy was 18 years and he continued to live with his mother.


Stinchy got the name Stinchy from his name Augustine as a kid. Stinchy was inspired by his brothers and friend Billy-more. His mother was a chorister, which had a great influence on him for the passion for music. At the age of seven, he joined a musical and brass band group in Pepease Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Pepease Kwahu. In his SHS schooling at St. Dominic’s Senior Technical School, he was the best dancer at his time. He continued his music career by joining the Ghana Supporters Union(GHANSU). He has grown to pursue a greater passion for dancing, gospel rap, hip pop and afro pop genre. Among his other influence was Eric Donaldson who actually had a great impact on Stinchyrap. Stinchyrap always tried to represent Africa, Ghana everywhere he goes and that got the attention of some people. Stinchy started composing music when he was in primary school. His friend had bought him a cell phone with which he records himself in his room at Pepease Kwahu when no one was around. At that time, he treated his music and recording as a hobby. He studied metal work, I.C.T and barbering while in college of which barbering is his main profession now. He graduated in the year 2013. His friend Billy-more always motivated him to do music when he knew I’ve got the music talent in me. At the age of fifteen, Stinchy began to write raps in his music book. He sent the habit of writing raps everywhere he goes. One day, a friend called Jeffery K. Addo (Wholebird) signed him to his music label ‘Oh Damn Ent’. When Stinchy released his 10th and 11th song titled ‘Gogo-Gaga’ and ‘Odo yenko fie’ produced by Asiq murderation (Asiq beats)


Currently, Stinchy is still doing his music and barbering altogether as working with Oh Damn Ent. in acquiring and sharing talents around to achieve a greater goal. His main goal with his music and dancing moves is to inspire people and also give the young ones the chance to unearth their talents. His great motivator was his friend Jeffery K. Addo (Wholebird) because Wholebird featured Stinchyrap in his three musical videos in Pepease Kwahu, Ghana.